The First Issue
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· 1-Phases-Controlled Coordinated Charging Method for Electric..
· 2-Recent Developments and Comparative Study of Magnetically ..
· 3-High-Speed Permanent Magnet Electrical Machines - Applicat..
· 4-Recent Advances in Variable Flux Memory Machines for Tract..
· 5-Overview of Permanent-Magnet Fault-Tolerant Machines Topol..
· 6-Recent Development of Linear Machine Topologies and Applic..
· 7-Design of a Novel Dual Flux Modulation Machine with Conseq..
· 8-Recent Development of Reluctance Machines with Different W..
· 9-Modularity Techniques in High Performance Permanent Magnet..
· 10-A Review of Sensorless Control Methods for AC Motor Drive..
· 11-Sensorless Control for Surface Mounted PM Machine with a ..
· 12-Research and Design of DTC System Based on Six-phase Asym..
· 13-The Peak Current Control of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC..
· 14-Finite Control Set Model Predictive Current Control of a ..
· 15-Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Based on Longitudinal Force Es..
· 16-Fast Design Method of Variable Flux Reluctance Machines
· 17-Improved Genetic Optimization Algorithm with Subdomain Mo..
· 18-Analysis of temperature field for a surface-mounted and i..
· 19-Analysis of Magnetic Field and Torque for All-Harmonic-To..
· 20-Magnetic Field and Operating Performance Analysis of Coni..
The Second Issue
The Third Issue