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Before You Begin

  CES TEMS mainly focus on high performance electric machines, motor drives, power electronics and its applications, efficient energy conversion, motion control and servo systems, photovoltaic power generation, wind power, reliability and fault diagnosis, magnetic field analysis, new material applications, electromagnetic compatibility, electrification of transportation. Meanwhile, if the paper belongs to an Special Section, please check the call for papers of Special Section on the homepage.

    CES TEMS accepts original research papers, review articles, rapid communications.

    CES TEMS is a quarterly journal, which published on 25th of every March, June, September and December.



    The paper published in CES TEMS should be the original scientific paper and the content should be relevant with the scope. A paper should contain sufficient detail, such as the research work and the experimental method, data must be guaranteed to be true. If any reference and open literature resources is quoted in the paper, they should be listed in detail for peer evaluation. It should be avoided to split one research result into fragmented papers to submit. Contention issue and the words in the paper should be clear and concise. Photographs and graphs in the papers should be of high quality. If the authors have used the work and/or words of others, that has to been appropriately cited or quoted. Please give clear indication of research funding sources in the paper, if the research work is supported by the funds. All papers submitted to TEMS will be screened for plagiarism. After the publication of the paper, the copyright belongs to the publisher, including the copyright on the Internet.  All of submitted papers should be subjected to peer-review. All reviewed articles should be treated confidentially prior to their publication.

Publication Ethics

     It is very important that all parties involved in the act of the publication, including the author, journal editors, peer reviewers, publishers, and social organization, should common to perform the Publication Ethics as the moral behavior standards. TEMS recognizes the Publication Ethics as our moral behavior, and takes our duties of guardianship over all stages of publishing extremely seriously.We strongly encourage all the authors to read Copyright Form and TEMS Publication Ethics carefully before submission.


Paper Preparation

    Please download the manuscript templates for preparing the papers. Information is given regarding desktop publishing format, type sizes, typefaces, and how to handle equations, units, figures, tables, references, abbreviations, and acronyms, etc. The preparation of acknowledgments, references, and author’s biographies also are included. An example of the desired layout for papers is provided as a Microsoft Word template.

    The final length of the paper should be kept within eight pages when you submit to CES TEMS. Please note that for each submission, if a paper becomes longer than eight pages after review, it will be subject to mandatory page charges. (Free now)


Submission Information

    CES TEMS uses ScholarOne Manuscripts, a professional web-based manuscript submission and peer-review tracking system. An author submits a manuscript by uploading a word processing file (.doc) and a PDF file (.PDF) at or through the Journal’s website online submission, where papers can be accessed by the CES TEMS’s Editors-in-Chief, Editors, and Reviewers.

    For the first-time users should create a new account and provide all the information required for a submission. Help is available on the web site, including telephone contacts.

    When the author submits a new manuscript, the main document should include all figures, tables, captions, author biographies, photos and references. And the copyright form should be included in the initial submission.


Special Sections

    According to industry development trends and expert advice, we call for papers of special sections usually. If you are committed to a certain research work, you can participate in the activities. When submitting your paper, you can select the corresponding topic. Likewise, we also welcome you to search and refer to the articles prepared by us for the communication of experts.


Peer Review

    All manuscripts should be submitted through of submission guideline and the template can be found at official websites. The journal operates a singel-blinded review process. All papers will be peer-reviewed by 3 independent reviewers. Requests for additional information should be addressed to the Deputy EIC or Guest EIC.


Upon Acceptance


    Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the author maybe required to re-upload the modified microsoft word source file of the paper including all figures, tables, captions, author biographies, photos and references.


Open Access 

    In this publication, all papers will be published as Open Access (OA), and the OA fee will be waived if your manuscript is accepted for publication in order to enable unrestricted public access. OA publications are freely available online to anyone, which maximizes the visibility, the uptake and use of the work published. All accepted articles will be indexed by IEEE Xplore.


Article Processing Charge


      Currently, article processing charge is waived. This means that all accepted articles can enjoy free review, production and publishing services.


Creative Commons License

    CES TEMS is under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives(CC BY-NC-ND), this license allows reusers to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format in unadapted form only, for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator. 


Early Access 

      Early access articles are intended to help authors get published as quickly as possibleEarly access articles must have completed peer review, been accepted, and have completed proofreading and language editing, but have not been assigned a specific publication issue or volumeAll Early Access articles are fully citable as soon as they appear on IEEE Xplore.


Paper Related Data


      We encourage that authors share "paper related data" to support the publication of academic papers. Regardless of platform, if related data has been submitted for the article, the author may attach the declaration in the paper. For more information, please see CES TEMS Data Policy for Depositing & Sharing Paper Related Data and Template of CES TEMS(V1.2)  on our website. 



Statement of Chinese Promotion

       In order to increase the influence of CES TEMS, all articles accepted after January 1, 2022 will be promoted in Chinese. The translation will be based on the professional intelligent software. The main contents involved are the title of the article and the abstract. The promotion based on the above content will no longer apply for author authorization. The statement takes effect in November 2023.